Enjoy Fried Foods? Try a Hot Air Fryer

Deep-fried food is an obsession in the food world. We love fried chicken, French fries, doughnuts, and even deep-fried Oreos and Twinkies. Some restaurants are even putting a delicious spin on traditional foods that mom used to beg you to eat and popping them in the deep fryer. Crispy fried Brussels sprouts, anyone?

As mouth-watering as deep-fried foods may be, it’s an unfortunate truth that they’re also not good for us. Fried foods are among some of the least healthy food choices, in fact, because they’re cooked in calorie-laden oil. Eating these kinds of foods frequently can put people at an increased risk for obesity. Studies have found that people who eat deep-fried foods more than four times in a week are more likely to become obese than those who eat deep-fried foods less than twice a week.Hot air fryer

Consumption of deep-fried food also puts you at a higher risk of having a stroke and heart disease due to the high levels of unhealthy saturated fat in the oils that are commonly used. Add an increased risk of diabetes and cancer to the mix and you begin to see why fried foods can be dangerous if eaten on a regular basis.

Hot Air Fryers: An Alternative to Unhealthy Deep-Frying

The good news is that you can still enjoy fried foods without all of the health risks associated with eating foods that were cooked in fattening grease. A hot air deep fryer will cook your food to a delicious crispiness—leaving the inside tender and juicy—while using little to no oil. Food cooked in hot air fryers contains a fraction of the calories and fat that they would have if they were cooked in a deep fryer. You can use a hot air deep fryer to cook most fried foods; everything from French fries to fried chicken comes out crisp and delicious.

Best Hot Air Fryers

Philips AirFryer HD9220/26

Rapid Air
390° 1.8lb
Philips Digital AirFryer HD9230/26

Rapid Air
Touch screen
390° 1.8lb
Philips Digital Airfryer XL HD9240/94

Rapid Air Touch screen60-minute
390° 2.65lb
GoWISE USA GW22621 4th Generation Electric Air Fryer

Rapid Air
Touch screen
175F - 400F3.7 QT
BLACK+DECKER HF110SBD 2-Liter Oil Free Air Fryer

N/A60-Minute175F - 400F2-Liter
(about 8-cup)

How Do Hot Air Fryers Work?

Unlike deep fryers, hot air fryers don’t use vats of boiling oil to cook food. Instead, they work by moving hot air around your food at very high speeds. This causes the food to become crispy and golden brown on the outside. As the food cooks, you’ll need to move it around a bit to ensure that the hot air can reach all sides of it, cooking it evenly.

hot air fryer reviews

If you’re cooking food from scratch, you may need to add a bit of oil in order to help your food brown. As little as one tablespoon of oil will do. Hot air fryers are also wonderful for cooking prepared frozen foods such as french fries and chicken nuggets. These kinds of foods come with a bit of oil on them already, as manufacturers have realized that this helps them brown as they cook in the oven.

Hot Air Deep Fryer Features

When you first start shopping for hot air fryers, it can be a bit overwhelming to discern between the various ones on the market. What’s the difference between them? What features are helpful? Is a Philips hot air fryer a good one? Reading through hot air fryer reviews will greatly help you learn the details about the kind of hot air fryers that are available, as well as what experiences users have had with them. To get you started, though, here’s a bit of information you’ll need to guide your choice.


First of all, size is an important factor in deciding which air fryer is best for you. Hot air fryers generally come in two sizes: a smaller capacity that’s great for feeding 1 or 2 people and a larger capacity that’s perfect for feeding 3 more more people. Even if you get a smaller-capacity hot air deep fryer, you’ll need to ensure that you have plenty of counter space to set up and operate the appliance. The smaller capacity Philips hot air fryer, for instance, is 15.3 x 15.3 x 14.9 inches. The larger Philips hot air fryer takes up a slightly bigger footprint, but cooks significantly more food.

Analog vs Digital

Your next consideration will be whether analog hot air fryers are best or whether you want one of the many digital hot air fryers on the market. An analog air fryer will use basic dials and knobs to control it. For instance, the original Philips hot air fryer has a dial to set the temperature and a knob that you turn to set the cook time. The design is minimalist and simple; once the timer is set, you simply allow your food to cook and the machine turns off after the time runs out.

Digital air fryers have sleek computerized displays and controls. A digital screen on the front of the hot air deep fryer shows you information such as the temperature and cook time. The digital Philips hot air fryer offers various push-button controls to adjust the cooking temperature, timer, and to turn the fryer on and off. The smaller Philips hot air fryer has fewer, more simple push-button controls and the XL version of the Philips hot air fryer has even more buttons, making it easier to program your cooking settings with fewer steps. Some brands have single buttons to program the settings for specific food items such as chicken, steak, or potatoes.

Philips hot air fryer accessories

Finally, if using your hot air fryer for more than frying is important to you, it’s important to do research and read hot air fryer reviews to see what accessories will fit any model of air fryer you’re considering. Most air fryers have cooking racks, baking pans, and extra cooking baskets that will fit them. Philips, however, really shines with their huge selection of accessories for their hot air fryers. When you purchase a Philips hot air fryer, you’ll be able to purchase brand-specific air fryer accessories that are made to fit your air fryer exactly. This is especially great if you’re ordering online, can’t see the accessory up close before you purchase it, and will be inconvenienced by having to ship it back if it doesn’t fit.

Philips hot air fryer accessories are important if you’d like to do more than fry foods with your Philips hot air deep fryer. With a grill pan, you can perfectly sear fish or make a mouth-watering steak in hot air fryers. A baking pan set down into your deep fryer allows you to make delicious macaroni and cheese or lasagna. Cooking racks enable you to cook additional amounts of food; some of them even feature kebab skewers. From tortilla chips and kale chips to dehydrated fruit, your hot air fryer is good for making much more than fried food. In fact, if you have a small kitchen with limited space for cooking appliances, your air fryer can function as a cooktop and an oven for many foods.

Healthier and More Convenient

We’ve covered the fact that hot air fryers cook food using a fraction of the oil of deep fryers and that this results in you consuming a fraction of the fat. As if that weren’t great enough, hot air fryers are also much more convenient to use than deep fryers.

With a deep fryer, you have to heat up the oil, drop your food in, and then hover nearby as it cooks. Leave it in for a minute too long and it will cook too long and burn. When you’re finished using the cooking oil, you have to cool it and dispose of it properly in the garbage (as pouring it down a drain will result in clogs). You’re then left with a greasy, messy fryer to clean up.hot air deep fryer

Air fryers are different. Simply preheat the unit and put your food in the cooking basket. There are no vats of oil; if you need any oil to cook with, simply toss your food in a tablespoon of oil before putting it in the basket. Set the cook timer on the hot air deep fryer, pop the basket in, and let it cook. The air fryer will turn off after the timer counts down, so you don’t have to worry about your food overcooking or burning. After you’re finished, simply wipe any food particles out of the cooking basket and toss it in the dishwasher. You can wipe off your air fryer with a damp cloth. There are no containers of used oil or splattered grease to deal with.

Change Your Food Lifestyle

If you enjoy fried foods but are trying to eat healthier, you may want to give hot air frying a try. While air-fried food doesn’t taste exactly like deep-fried food, it’s a perfect way to enjoy crunchy deliciousness without all of the oil or fat. Perusing hot air fryer reviews will give you a better idea of which brand, size, and model will work best for your lifestyle. Philips hot air fryers are some of the most popular ones on the market. Why not give hot air deep fryers a try? You have nothing to lose but the calories!


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