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char broil oil less turkey fryer

Air fryers have taken the culinary world by storm. These ingenious kitchen appliances allow cooks to create mouth-watering fried foods with little to no oil and a fraction of the fat and calories of deep frying. Air-fried foods come out crispy on the outside and absolutely delicious on the inside. Air-fried chicken is moist and tender; with the delicious crunch everyone loves from their fried chicken. French fries cooked in an air fryer are golden brown and yummy—a guilty pleasure without the guilt.

char broil oil less fryer Another item that many people love to fry is turkeys. A deep-fried turkey is a Thanksgiving tradition in many American households. Unfortunately, deep-frying a turkey comes with a long list of problems. It takes a huge amount of oil to fry a turkey, and this can get expensive. Every year, people are injured and start fires while attempting to cook with the giant, boiling vat of oil inside their turkey deep fryer. Even if things go well, the negatives don’t end. Cooking a turkey in oil turns what should have been a healthy part of the meal into one that’s laden with fat and extra calories. In addition to all of this, once the meal is done, you’re left with a giant vat of icky, used oil that must be disposed of properly. Grease is splattered all over and you’re left with a big, slippery mess to clean up. Who wants that? Why not do things differently and use an Oil Less fryer?

Char-Broil The Big Easy TRU-Infrared Oil-Less Turkey Fryer Bundle with 2 Leg Racks and Kabob Set

You can use an air fryer to make smaller meals, and you can also use something similar to fry up an entire turkey! With the Char Broil Oil Less Turkey Fryer, frying large pieces of meat without the use of hot oil is possible. Char Broil’s Big Easy Oil Less Fryer is exactly as the name describes it—huge in size and really easy to use. An entire turkey (up to 16 pounds) fits right inside. Cook it to absolute perfection using TRU-Infrared heat. The Big Easy Oil Less Fryer cooks at about 8 or 10 minutes per pound of meat. In addition to turkeys, you can use it to cook chickens, pork tenderloin, roasts, as well as other large cuts of meat. Want ribs? Buy the rib hooks that are available as an additional accessory and have a barbecue!

It’s So Easy to Use

You should know that the Char Broil Oil Less Turkey Fryer must be used outside. It’s fairly large (which is how it can accommodate such large amounts of meat), but it’s easy to set up and start using. You don’t have to wait for a vat of oil to heat up for cooking; the Big Easy Oil Less Fryer hooks to a propane tank as fuel, so you simply turn it on. The propane powers the fryer’s TRU Infrared technology, which ensures that the fryer has no hot or cold spots. The burners inside the Big Easy Oil Less Fryer are a powerful 16,000 BTUs, making the outside of your meat brown and crispy, while sealing the juices and flavor inside. When using the Char Broil Oil Less Fryer, you can use seasoned rubs—not a possibility with traditional deep fryers. You can also use injectable marinades.

No Hassle, No Mess

Your meat sits inside a cooking basket within the Char Broil Oil Less Turkey Fryer. When it’s time to check the meat, simply use the basket hook to safely lift it out. Check it with the included meat thermometer to know if it’s done. The cool touch handles make it perfectly safe to touch your fryer while you’re cooking with it. As your meat cooks, the juices will drip off and be caught in the drip tray. Seasoned chefs know how important it is to save those yummy juices in order to make homemade gravy and sauces.

Because you’re not working with a giant container of hot oil, there is no mess and no splatter. Cleanup is a snap with the Big Easy Oil Less Fryer; you only need to clean off the cooking basket and wipe out any crumbs or food residue that drops into the inner part of the body.

Accessoriesbig easy oil less fryer

As with any fun and useful cooking appliance, the Char Broil Oil Less Turkey Fryer comes with a huge variety of accessories that enables you to do much more than drop a turkey in and cook it. The Bunk-Bed Basket is perfect for expanding your cooking capacity, as it sits on top of the cooking basket and allows you to add in additional meat or vegetables for your meal. The Big Easy Oil Less Fryer also has other accessories available, two of which we’d like to discuss in detail: The Big Easy Oil Less Fryer 22-Piece Accessory Kit and the Char Broil Oil Less Fryer Cover.

Char-Broil The Big Easy 22-Piece Turkey Fryer Accessory Kit

This is the ultimate accessory kit for your Big Easy Oil Less Fryer. No matter what kind of meat you’d like to cook in your Char Broil Oil-Less Turkey Fryer, this kit has the item necessary to make it possible. Purchasing the entire kit is much Less expensive than buying each of these accessories separately and it really expands your horizons when it comes to using your fryer. Use the accessory kit to cook a larger variety of items or work with more food at a single time. It comes with 4 boneless rib hooks, 6 easy-out rib hooks, 2 leg racks, 8 skewers, an easy-load kabob holder and a basket lifter. With these accessories, your Big Easy Oil Less Fryer can hold up to 8 kabobs. It can accommodate up to 12 legs or wings.

As with the regular cooking basket that comes with the Char Broil Oil Less Fryer, these accessories are incredibly durable and really easy to clean up. They’re made of wire steel and are dishwasher safe; simply pop them in and you’re done!

It’s worth noting that this accessory kit does not come with the Char Broil Oil Less Turkey Fryer Bunk Bed Basket, a useful accessory that is definitely worth purchasing. Some customers were also confused and purchased this accessory package to use with their Big Easy Roaster Smoker Grill. Buyer should know that this package does not fit that device; it is meant only for the Char Broil Oil Less Fryer.

Char-Broil The Big Easy Turkey Fryer Cover

The Big Easy Oil Less Fryer is meant to be used outside (as it works off of a propane tank). It’s also a very large appliance, so you won’t want to move it back and forth if you don’t have to. That’s why the Char Broil Oil Less Fryer Cover is a useful accessory. It’s a heavy-duty cover that completely surrounds and protects your Big Easy Oil Less Fryer. It’s custom made for the Big Easy Oil Less Fryer, so it’s an absolutely perfect fit, pulling all the way down to protect your fryer from dirt or the elements.

It’s made of heavy rugged PVC, helping it protect your Big Easy Oil Less Fryer from rain, snow, wind, and debris that could get inside it and damage it. It’s soft on the inside, coated with a knit interior lining that will keep your Char Broil Oil Less Fryer from scratching. You don’t have to worry about moisture creating condensation under the cover, either, as it has a vent on the upper side of it in order to keep everything safely dry. If the cover gets dirty, simply wipe it with a damp cloth.

Tough and designed just for your Big Easy Oil Less Fryer, the Char Broil Oil Less Turkey Fryer cover is an absolute must if you’re going to go all-out and purchase the ultimate infrared heat frying machine.

In Conclusion

If you’re considering purchase a deep fryer for this year’s Thanksgiving turkey or you’d simply like to branch out and come up with some different ways to prepare ribs, wings, whole chickens, or beef roasts, the Big Easy Oil-Less Fryer opens up new frontiers in your at-home cooking repertoire. You have nothing to lose with an infrared heat fryer—except the expense of filling a huge vat of oil and the resulting calories. A Char Broil Oil Less Fryer makes food that’s healthier than a regular deep fryer. In addition to this, it’s incredibly easy to use and quick to clean up.

People who have used deep fryers to cook turkeys for years have become delighted converts to the Big Easy Oil Less Fryer. With all the excited reviewers giving this fryer a huge thumbs up, it’s time you gave it a try!

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